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Rental Machines

Check out our range of fresh ice machine rentals below.

Hoshizaki IM65NE-25 - Ice machine - Auckland, New Zealand - Fresh Ice Machines

All In One Machines

If space allows – an all in one commercial grade ice machine is the way to go.

This way, you get an ice maker and storage bin – all in one.

We will assist you in providing the best recommendation for the needs of your business.

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Modular Ice Machines & Bins

Hospitality and commercial industries require big volumes of fresh-ice; on demand, hassle free and of the highest quality.

We have solutions to fit your business.

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Short Term Rentals

Tell us what you need!

If you have short term ice machine rental needs, let’s talk.

Call us today to organise a short term ice machine rental that suits your needs.

Environmentally BETTER. NO plastic bags.

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