Ice Cube Shapes

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Ice Cube Shapes

Fresh Ice Machine Rentals are your trusted supplier and rental service for ice makers that cater to your hospitality needs.

We rely on Hoshizaki.

With over 60 years of experience in the commercial kitchen equipment and food service markets, Hoshizaki is a global market leader.

Hoshizaki designed and developed Japan’s first fully automatic ice maker and from this pioneering base we have an ice making and refrigeration product range that exceeds expectations in the demanding sectors of food, beverage, bars and restaurants, bio-science, healthcare and education.

The company is noted for developing energy and water efficient, environmentally friendly (Hydro Fluorocarbon free) ice makers, adding value for the end-user through cost-saving and sustainability.


Hoshizaki ice machines consistently and reliably create better ice than any other ice makers;

  • the ice is clear and hard, not cloudy
  • the ice presents very well, particularly in spirit drinks
  • the ice has the highest displacement than any other ice
  • the ice retains its shape; the cube ice is a genuine cube
  • the crescent ice allows pouring and nipping of spirits without splash
  • the ice doesn’t bridge while in the ice storage bin
  • the ice has the slowest melt rate, because it is clear and hard